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A black high school student navigates white middle class suburbia

Johnson writes from the heart of a young black student and his family during the evolution of one of America’s most important white suburban communities just across Key Bridge and the city of Washington. He reveals the dignity, joy and insight of a family who knew the real Washington of the early 1960’s and his own coming of age. This novel captures so much about a time and place and a way of life that formed our culture. The author’s unique and personal perspective makes this an essential read. A very absorbing and compelling book.

Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

Great book

This is a really well written book, [concerning] a lot of interesting topics in the intersection of identity, politics, history, and prejudice. The host of characters will, each in their own way, capture your heart. Lots of surprising historic facts as well about racial integration in the US.

Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

Hi Mark. Hope this text finds you well. Finished reading your book. Enjoyed the story, loved the details and characters. In some parts of the books, I felt as I was transportation that some scenes. Good job! 🎉

Just curious to know if Junior and Cliffy kept in touch and whether they kept in touch.

A Great Read!

“White After Labor Day” is a great read! It’s a perfect snapshot in time, with rich descriptions of growing up and family life on both sides of a Washington ready to enter the high hopes of the early 1960’s. From our 21st century perspectives, we can only imagine the courage and grit Johnson’s characters must muster to follow their desires and pursue their dreams.

Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

Awesome read!

Can't wait for the sequel set here in Washington, DC! Keep it in DC, Mark!

Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

Great Read, Great Research

Johnson does an outstanding job of accurately capturing the events, issues, and emotions that reflected life during this period in history. He adeptly weaves a great story of parallel lives that are intertwined. He shares an impressive and compelling story that transports the reader to the time, diverse cultures, and experiences that transcended class and one’s station in life. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Amazon Reviewer (5 stars)

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